Why Pole? by Kathleen Hunter, No Treble Plus Size Pole Class Instructor

Why Pole?

Why not just do Zumba or something?”

Yeah, I’ve heard it too. There’s nothing “wrong” with any form of movement, but to me there is nothing that compares with getting my move on at The Girl Spot. Nothing.

One —  it puts me inside my body in a very deep way. We spend most of our lives in our heads, navigating a world of competing priorities, most of which I didn’t make. This is MY time. MY opportunity to PLAY. To be greedy and take up space in a world that often tells us to shrink to fit. My body can breathe in a pole studio in a way that is pure nourishment.

Two — My body has its own voice. My ass can write slam poetry in its own language. My left inner wrist seeks texture, temperature, and friction. A pole studio is for woman in her natural habitat:   both Kindergarten playground 5-year-old and ferocious leopard in her expansive savannah territory.

Three — it is You. Pole is about my Sisters. It remains one of the most diverse sisterhoods I’ve ever seen. There is nothing that compares to sharing and playing on poles with my girls, and then going for a meal after because we are ravenous. I remain convinced that if all the world & state leaders, and the wives of the male heads of state, took pole together we would eradicate all the worldly ills within a generation if not sooner.  The Girl Spot, Judy, and every instructor are welcoming, supportive, and – just like you and me –  on this adventure of movement and discovery.

I cannot WAIT to share this with you…. To have the honor of reminding you of the incredible power and presence that is already yours by birthright. To tease out of you the badass and kitten you know you are, and make space for your incandescent beauty.

All ya need to do to have your socks knocked off is show up & play… So go sign up for the class, will ya?
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  • Bonnie

    Wonderful post! Woman power! Plus size self love!

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