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Tracee Kafer

Dance was a first love for Tracee Kafer, who started at the innocent age of 3. Many moons later, and with over 25 years of training in multiple genres, she has now turned feverishly to pole dancing to reach new heights (…literally) and it has only deepened her attachment to dance as a means of artistic expression. She believes that dance can create a deeper knowledge of self, of life’s experiences, and of the connections we have to one another. Tracee has diverse background in pole dance training, in 2011 was certified by the X-Pert Pole Fitness Certification Program and in 2014 was certified by elevatED Teacher Trainings. She has trained with pole professionals from all over the world, most notably working with the entire stellar Body & Pole instructor team. Tracee has multiple years of experience working with pole dancers and aerialists to grow their artistic visions on stage and in the studio…whether that includes improvisational training, choreography, or technique and refinement.

Tracee is known for Finding Your Freestyle, and Pole Speak, which emerged out of techniques from Finding Your Freestyle combined with the unending quest to master the artistic language of pole. She has been involved with ÆRA, a non-profit aerial dance company, performing and choreographing in New York. Tracee pursues a career in creative design and marketing (Clients include elevatED, bodybinds, MIXT Dance, Train P3, and WeFly) and is currently Body & Pole’s Marketing Director.

Competition Experience
2013 Atlantic Pole Pro Dramatic Champion
December 2011 Polesque Champion
1st Runner Up SuperShag Pole Fitness Championships
US Pole Dance Championship 2012 Amateur Finalist
National Aerial Pole Art Female All Stars


3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
$60.00 Open Level

In PoleOgraphy, you will learn a unique, stylized pole routine designed to increase your pole movement vocabulary while also focusing on musical and emotional connectivity. This class strives to improve your sense of musicality, lines, and expression with the use of dynamic and contrasting movement on the pole. Learn to combine moves into one beautiful flowing piece, while most importantly adding your own individuality! I take style requests for your studio!

Contemporary ChairOgraphy
4:45 pm -6:15 pm
$60.00 Open Level

What do you think of when you hear the phrase…chair dance? In this workshop, we attempt take the chair ‘out of the box’. Learn to apply a contemporary dance style to your chair dance vocabulary and explore new creative options and ideas. Experience an apparatus from a perspective outside of its stereotype, and let new possibilities open up your mind and your style! This is a choreography-based class in which you will learn an alternative chair dance piece that focuses on improving your sense of musicality, lines, dynamics, and above all else, individuality!

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Good Vibe Tribe Fam Jam
$30.00 for workshop participants
$45.00 for non-workshop participants

Come jam with Tracee and friends !

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