So who pole dances at The Girl Spot anyway ?

pretty kristie

The Girl Spot attracts women of all ages, shapes and sizes from a very diverse background.  Welcome to our Girl of the Month feature!  Each month, we highlight one of our students.   This month we’ll chat with Kristie.  Let’s see what makes her tick!


  1. Name Kristie Bpretty kristie
  2. Hometown Milford, CT
  3. What is your occupation? Advertising Consultant
  4. What is your age? 26
  5. How long have you been a Girl Spot Girl Just a little over a year.  (One year two months to be exact)
  6. What drew you to classes at The Girl Spot? Dancing has always been a passion of mine.  I began taking dance classes starting at the age of two and continued for eight years.  I eventually went on to join the cheerleading team throughout middle and high school, allowing me to incorporate my love for performing.  After graduating college, I became consumed with “adult things” and quickly realized I needed to do something just for myself to escape reality and get back into shape.  I knew it had to be outside the typical “gym atmosphere” since I tried that previously and found it wasn’t for me.  After seeing social media posts from a friend pole dancing, I was instantly intrigued and looked online for a studio that offered classes.  I searched for the studio that had excellent reviews from existing students and that is how I discovered The Girl Spot!!
  7. What keeps you coming back? The instructors are unbelievably talented and you can tell they pour their heart into teaching and genuinely care about all their students’ progress and safety. The variety of classes offered allows me to constantly work out new muscles and work on new things such as choreography, conditioning, combos and freestyle.  I keep adding on more classes to my regular line-up so I can accelerate my progress on goals whether it is with flexibility or nailing that nemesis trick!
  8. What is your biggest challenge in classes right now?  I’m currently focusing on pole conditioning to become stronger with inverted moves that require a full bracket.  I am also working on learning and perfecting the level 3 skills, so I can graduate to the next pole level this year!
  9. What has your biggest success in class been? Looking back at where I was skill wise this time last year, someone who could barely do a pole climb, I feel extremely happy with the success I’ve had that has allowed me to advance to Pole 3.  I attribute all my progress to consistently coming to classes each week, the support from my pole family and challenging myself to go outside my comfort zone.
  10. Tell us about your top 3 favorite things to do when you’re not in the studio?  I enjoy spoiling and playing with my Boston Terrier Izzie, watching Football, and the occasional weekend brunch/pizza nights with friends.
  11. Tell us the one thing about your classes that makes it worthwhile. 

Nothing is more satisfying (to me) than setting pole goals and achieving them with hard work and consistent efforts.  I am so proud of what I accomplish each class whether it is one extra push up or experiencing new movement during freestyles.  Being a part of The Girl Spot family has given me more than just a “workout”.  I’ve identified a new passion and I’m grateful I get to share the experience with my pole family.

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