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Adventures in Pole Dancing

So… we have all heard of exotic dancing right?  Ever think… whoa, wish I could do that? In recent years, pole fitness classes have popped up everywhere. This is not about stripping, men or designed for you to be able to put on a personal show in your bedroom, although I am sure it could help! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. It CAN be. But this studio is not meant to push you into being a sex kitten.This is about empowerment. This is performance art, movement, beauty, strength and control. It is about a lot of muscle control and strength and has nothing to do with taking off your clothes. Perhaps exotic dancers are best well known for pole dancing, but since the early 2000’s, professional pole competitors and acrobatics have been working to give it a better image. AND, it is not as easy as it looks!

I participated in an Intro to Pole class at The Girl Spot in Milford, CT.  What I walked into was a fun, welcoming space that was by no means intimidating. Who knew this small community was host to a sexy and fun fitness trend? I am always looking at fun and new innovative ways to stay in shape, but more importantly learn something new. Upon entering the studio I met a lovely student who was an avid member and was telling me how much of an underground community there is with pole dancing including pole competitions and how many students branch out onto other categories like acrobatics and aerial type classes. Many of the members I saw looked like you and me. College-aged to mommies and baby boomers. We had a fun instructor named Elin who has extensive training and knowledgeable in dance and movement. She walked us through each move and step we took and encouraged us on. No intimidation. Just supportive and energetic. We laughed at ourselves when we fell and high fived each other when we did not. I left with bruises, had sore shoulders the next day and I have a new found respect for this art all together.This class challenged me in ways I never imagined.

So, would I do it again? Yes! It was fun and not about perfection. Practice, technique and not thinking about what you are going to be doing next was what I took away. All in all, I can say.. pole dancing? Yeah been there, done that!

Life is short. Get on that bucket list and start trimming it down ladies!

If you would like to give the pole or other aerial classes a try, check out The Girl Spot!

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