Honeymoon Hottie

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Honeymoon Hottie
Includes 1-hour class
$65 per student / private class
$60 per student / semi-private class
(semi-private up to 4 person max)

Honeymoon Hottie Class

In this one-hour private class, the student is taught a sexy dance for that special someone… No previous dance or pole experience necessary, dance can also include elements of chair, lap and strip-tease. Contact the studio to book your class.



“We want people to have a studio where they can learn things that are physically fun and also physically effective. And know that it is a very comfortable, welcoming environment. Go have fun. Don’t be afraid to try it! That is what I would want the world know… Don’t be afraid to try it. Just try it!”
– Judy Jovanelly, Owner

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