Rent out the entire studio!

Rent out the entire studio and have an amazing bash with Connecticut Pole Parties powered by The Girl Spot! Hosting your party at our studio is a sure-fire way to have an awesome girls’ night party. Whether you want to book a bachelorette party with your bridesmaids or a fun weekend girls’ night just because you need it,  Connecticut Pole Parties will definitely make your party a night to remember…


It’s not every day that you have carte blanche to celebrate the final days of your single life with your best girls by your side. Whether you’re a first-time bride-to-be or just embarking upon your second (or third or fourth) foray into the realm of marriage, never underestimate the ritualistic importance of the bachelorette bash. Hosting your bachelorette or birthday party at a pole dancing studio will definitely equate to an unforgettable night.


Celebrate your next birthday with a pole party! Connecticut Pole Parties offers birthday packages like none other, with a 1-hour class that will have your guests laughing, dancing and having a blast! Enjoy another hour of fun-filled birthday fun with your friends, and party favors, props, and all kinds of exciting extras that will make your special day truly unforgettable.

Girls Night Out

How many times have you or a girlfriend had a bad breakup so you plan an amazing night out on the town not to meet people, but just to feel good again? Well, why don’t you start that night out with a private party? Even if it’s not in the wake of a breakup but just a feel good girl’s night, private parties powered by The Girl Spot are so much fun that it will set the tone for the rest of the night

New Mom

Are you a new mom dying to feel like your sexy self again? All moms fall into the world that surrounds their children, as they should, but you don’t need to lose touch with your own femininity and sensuality! Connecticut Pole Parties powered byThe Girl Spot has many “mom dancers” who love the release they get from coming to an all-girl, all-adult environment where they can have fun and loosen up. A New Mom party is a great way to pull together your girlfriends and get everyone in on the fun and feeling great!

Timing & Scheduling

Private parties are 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours long, and are generally held on either Friday or Saturday evenings, due to studio availability.  Please call to discuss alternate days or times.

What’s Included


Our most POPULAR party package

Can’t decide which party to do?  Choose 2 styles of dance (pole, chair or lap dancing)! You and your group will learn a sexy routine.  The routine is super sexy and designed to have you rushing home to try your new moves on your partner!  No pole experience  required.

  • Hostess or Guest of Honor receives a Girl Spot Gift Bag
  • Each participant receives a Girl Spot Party Favor
  • Each Participant receives one FREE class
  • It’s like getting 2 parties for the price of 1
  • Must have a minimum of  10 participants
  • Party Duration: 90 Minutes
  • $39 per person


Learn the art of pole, chair or lap dancing!  This class is designed with the beginner in mind and is suitable for women of all ages and sizes.  No pole experience required.

  • Hostess or Guest of Honor receives a Girl Spot Gift Bag
  • Must have a minimum of 7 participants
  • Choose from one style of dance (pole, chair or lap dancing)
  • Party duration:  50 minutes
  • $29 per person


2 Hour Party Chair, Pole & Lap Dance

This party is outrageously fun but not for the shy.   No pole experience required.

  • Complimentary Sparkling Beverage Toast
  • Each participant receives an exclusive, super cute Girl Spot Goddess Gift as a keepsake
  • Each Participant receives one FREE class
  • It’s like getting 3 parties for the price of 1
  • Must have a minimum of 10 participants
  • Party duration: 120 minutes
  • $49 per person

Pricing is based on guests in attendance, whether they choose to participate in the class or not.

Cancellation Policy

In order to book your party, we require your payment of in advance. Refunds are not given once booking is made. If you need to reschedule your party for any reason, we require 7 days notice. We will reschedule for a date and time that is convenient to your party and the studio/instructor schedule.

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Private Parties
Homegirl Party
Sassy Girl Party
Goddess Girl Party
Fri / Sat nights
(ask about alternate nights)
Need more party info?

Party F.A.Q.’s

Can we bring novelty items?

Themed parties are a fun way to share the special experience with your girlfriends. You are able to bring any novelty items to make your party an occasion to remember. We recommend contacting our Party Planner for more ideas for your special occasion.

What do we wear?

Work out clothing such as yoga pants or capris, T-shirts, tank tops,or booty shorts are all acceptable . Or, feel free to dress up in your best sexy outfit!

Can we bring alcohol?

Alcohol is prohibited during classes at The Girl Spot.  For Sassy or Goddess girl options,  you can drink alcohol after your class. Guests arriving under the influence of any mind-altering substance will not be allowed to participate, and will not be refunded.

Can we bring a camera or video camera?

Absolutely! We will even help you pose for photos.   (Don’t forget to tag us if you post them!)

Can we bring food?

For Sassy or Goddess Girl options, yes!

Can we bring guys?

Absolutely! It’s your party you can guy if you want to! Private parties are just that – your own private time to have a blast, and if you want your guys there, feel free to include them.

Can we bring our own music?

You sure can!  Your instructor will use her own playlist for warmup, but will be happy to use your playlist afterwards.


“We want people to have a studio where they can learn things that are physically fun and also physically effective. And know that it is a very comfortable, welcoming environment. Go have fun. Don’t be afraid to try it! That is what I would want the world know… Don’t be afraid to try it. Just try it!”
– Judy Jovanelly, Owner

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