Our Visit to NEWS 8 WTNH’S CT Style with Ryan Kristafer and Teresa DuFour

On Friday May 15th, Holly Corsano and I had the distinct pleasure of taping a segment about pole dancing on CT Style, the WTNH News 8 morning show with Ryan Kristafer and Teresa DuFour. Here’s a peek behind the scenes at what goes on when taping.

On arrival at the studio, we were led to the set where the news, weather, traffic and CT Style are filmed. The set is a lot of fun to look at. One one side, there are a couple of different news desks, all with the News 8 WTNH.com logo above on large monitors. Meteorologist Gil Simmons has multiple monitors at his station, where he tracks the latest in weather. Teresa DuFour also has some monitors to view local traffic for her reports. In another corner, there is an entire kitchen (provided by Bender Kitchens), plus a seating area with a couch and coffee table. Overhead, the space is open all the way to the roof deck. Suspended above are all manner of lights and audio equipment. There are also moving cameras on the floor which are remotely controlled by crew.

Speaking of crew, everyone on the set, from the stars right down to the camera and sound guys, is amazing., warm and friendly. We were made to feel immediately welcome. There is a lot of kidding around and laughter, which made us feel at home. We are truly grateful to all for the warm welcome!

Since there are multiple guests taping segments for each show, we were able to observe how it all works before it was our turn, which helped ease any nerves. For our segment, we set up our X-Stage Lite (our traveling stage pole). Once we were ready, Ryan spoke with Holly and I briefly to give us a run-down of how the segment was to be structured. Being in the last stages of her first pregnancy, Teresa remained on the sidelines, with Ryan game to try some skills. Here’s how it all went down:

You can see he’s got some talent!

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