Here’s Sarah, December’s Girl Spot Girl of the Month

Welcome to our Girl of the Month feature!  Each month, we highlight one of our students.  This month we’ll chat with Sarah.  Let’s
see what makes her tick!

sarah !

1. Name Sarah Mitchell

2. Hometown Plymouth, CT – It’s all the way out in Litchfield County

3. What is your occupation? My paying job is Communications & Fund  Development Manager at Bridges which is a behavioral and mental
health facility in Milford.  I also do an assortment of volunteering, event logistics and fundraising for my side projects.

4. What is your age? 32

5.  How long have you been a Girl Spot Girl ?  This March will one year

6. What drew you to classes at The Girl Spot?  A friend recommended the Girl Spot to me when I said I got a new job in Milford. Prior to the
Girl Spot I attended a studio that was close to my old job.

7. What keeps you coming back?  The Girl Spot family. I haven’t run into one person who doesn’t genuinely care about their fellow classmates. We all get concerned if someone misses a week – or is out sick or can’t make it to class. We have each other’s back and are a support system for everything – no matter how big or small. I feel like I’ve known my pole family my entire life and there is nothing I can’t share with them.

8. What is your biggest challenge in classes right now?  Besides staying sticky and grippy?   Feeling confident in doing more of thcomplicated
tricks that go along with pole 3 – like being upside down with no hands and only griping with your “knee or elbow pit”.  And that is one of the reasons I’ve started taking pole-o-graphy and pole combos classes, to get a little more practice and confidence.

9. What has your biggest success in class been? T he other week doing iguana. I never tried it before and while I need to build my confidence
up with it – there is something powerful about being upside down, with your feet to the pole and holding on with your hands above your butt with nothing else touching the pole for grip or stability.

10. Tell us about your top 3 favorite things to do when you’re not in the studio?  That’s tricky because I have a lot of favorite things….1) baking – my bar friends know me as the “Dancing Baker” or “Sarah Crocker”  2) Volunteering for military and veteran causes – I’m the
leader of a CT based pinup group, Dames For Soldiers, and we attend various veteran events and just bring a bit of nostalgia for the
vets    3) Modeling/Photoshoots – This is the time I can be all creative and artsy and let the various facets of myself shine. It’s a lot of fun
and I’ve met some awesome people along the way.

11. Tell us the one thing about your classes that makes it worthwhile:   That its fun. I could care less that my arms are super jacked or that I have abs coming back in. Classes are just fun and the people in them make them fun.


I came to the Girl Spot on the recommendation of a friend. We both took classes at a different studio piror and when she heard I was
starting a new job in Milford, she told me to check out the Girl Spot. I already had about 2 or so years of pole dancing under my belt so the
transition as a new student was easy. I’m beyond happy to be here – the energy and people remind me of dance classes I took when I was
kid. The inviting, friendly, encouraging, non-judgmental atmosphere make this place special and keep me coming back for more classes.

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