Guys? Guys Pole Dance at The Girl Spot?

The Girl Spot attracts people of all ages, shapes and sizes from a very diverse background.  Welcome to our Guy of the Month feature!  Each month, we highlight one of our students.   This month we’ll chat with Justin.  Let’s see what makes him tick!justin 1

  1. Name Justin L. French
  2. Hometown Waterbury, CT
  3. What is your occupation? Ophthalmology
  4. What is your age? 29
  5. How long have you been a Girl Spot Guy?  A year and a couple of months
  6. What drew you to classes at The Girl Spot? A really good friend of mine told me about an incredible place to dance. Finally one day she bought me a ticket to Grand Opening showcase of the new location.  I fell in love and never looked back.
  7. What keeps you coming back? I’ve found a family in this place. Everyone is full of love and happiness and dancing is everything!
  8. What is your biggest challenge in classes right now?  Well as of this moment I’m working on a skill/move called the falling star it’s so cool and all about trusting yourself haha.
  9. What has your biggest success in class been? The dreaded outside leg hang on my sad side lol
  10. Tell us about your top 3 favorite things to do when you’re not in the studio?  When I’m not at the studio you can find me relaxing with my pole mates eating pizza lol, listening to music while working on my poetry or cooking
  11. What keeps you coming back? I can’t just choose one so here are a few: Getting stronger after e very class, nailing a skill/move that has been plaguing me, being around such amazing people and being able to take all the emotions that I have and dance through every single one of them.

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