Is The Girl Spot the right pole and aerial studio for me?

How do I choose a pole / aerial studio that’s right for me?  Let’s talk about some ways in which you can make the right pole studio choice.

It is all over media – social, movies and TV, YouTube…  Pole and Aerial fitness are more mainstream now than ever before and your interest is piqued and you are excited to try your hand at it. Question is – how do you chose a studio?

You may have a dance background, you may not, so how do you know you will feel at home in the location you choose? Sure, you can search Google and see a lot of different options, but how do you choose the one that is best for you, based on your background and needs?

So, you check out the websites,  read through reviews, peruse over a prospective studio’s social media presence.  Now what?  Do you just go with the photos you like the best? Cheapest pricing? Closest location?

All of those reasons are great at helping you make a decision, but how will you know for sure you’ve actually chosen the studio that is best for you?  Read on for tips on making the right pole studio choice.

Unless you’re willing to give each one a try in person, you will never know, especially if you’re brand new at this.  If you’re willing to think a little bit about what you want from your studio, and if you’re willing to ask some questions, you can find your “studio home”.

What sort of overall ‘vibe’ resonates with you (i.e., homey, chic, comfy)?

  • Do you like a lot of ‘elbow room’ in the classroom, or is a smaller space more your speed?
  • Do you like an urban, downtown city feel to your studio, or is ample parking important to you?
  • Is there adequate room to change your clothes and store your stuff?
  • Is the location of the bathroom important to you?
  • Do you care about the overall age of your fellow students (Are you happy hanging out with mostly college kids in class, or would you prefer a mix of ages)?
  • Are you willing to drive a bit further to get to the place that offers what you want?

You can make an extensive flow chart of all the studios you found in your searches, or you can attend one class at The Girl Spot and realize why so many people choose it to be their “studio home”.

From the minute you walk through the door, you will be greeted with a friendly, comfortable vibe.  There’s a spacious lounge area, dedicated changing room and two studio rooms.

With all the location details out of the way, you should also think about what really motivates you to learn.

  • Are you looking to work out like a beast in a Crossfit box?
  • Do you like the idea of a more dance-focused type of class?
  • Would you rather focus strictly on the mechanics of movement, or the more artistic side or both?

Many of us need a variety of classes to satiate our cravings for a great workout – The Girl Spot offers 32 weekly classes, with everything from aerial hammock / lyra / silks classes, to pole and chair classes, and even flexibility and dance movement classes! There are even special workshops and events throughout the year.

The Girl Spot offers a structured, leveled program with criteria to achieve before advancing to the next level.  Do you prefer a structured, progressive learning environment, or do you just want to take it as it comes? Other studios don’t have a formal curriculum, picking different things to focus on weekly. How can you gauge your success without a solid plan?

That brings us to the most important aspect of any studio, gym or training. Who is teaching you? The Girl Spot instructors are certified in pole and aerial dance through nationally recognized, accredited certification programs. They also have dance/movement/aerial experience, and several years’ experience teaching and working with their students. The instructors also understand body mechanics and inspire their students throughout each class to push forward to achieve their goals.

At The Girl Spot, our mission is to provide a safe and fun learning environment.  You, the student, are our most valuable asset.  It is an honor to teach you and we are committed to providing you the best instruction we can!

Here’s to hoping this article has helped you, and to hoping even more that The Girl Spot is the right pole studio choice for you!



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