The Girl Spot Girl Student of the Month – August

Welcome to our Girl Spot Girl of the Month feature!  Each month, we will highlight one of our students. This month we’ll chat with Amanda.  Let’s see what makes her tick!

amanda eva girl spot student of the month august

  1. Name :  Amanda C.
  2. Hometown :  Springfield MA
  3. What is your occupation?  I currently work as the VP for Media and Online Sales for supplement company, andlso work as web developer, digital marketing & analytics consultant. Phew that was a mouthful!
  4. What is your age?  42.  But I stopped counting at 28, really.
  5. How long have you been a Girl Spot Girl?  I began my journey at TGS in May 2018, so 3 months now.
  6. What drew you to classes at The Girl Spot?   My first step was deciding that I really wanted to take up pole dancing.  I began extensive online research to find the best-fitting studio with great reviews.  Since I’m a web developer, I know exactly what to look for, and when I found the The Girl Spot website, it was very well put together with the right information.  This alone told me that they are very professional.  I also looked up reviews, ad that is when I knew I’d found the right studio.
  7. What keeps you coming back?  There is a positive, non-judgemental and empowering energy from the students and instructors.   I also love that the instructors are well-qualified, and focus of safe form and technique.  I’m learning things that I’ve never learned before!
  8. What is your biggest challenge in classes right now?   My biggest challenge is flexibility.  I have never spent much time stretching due to my inflexible joints.  My hamstrings and hip flexors have sucked since I was a kid!  Coming from bodybuilding to pole dancing has been both a blessing and a curse!
  9. What has your biggest success in class been?  For me, every class is a success, because I learn something new, and can look back and say “I did it!”.  And even though my flexibility still needs work, it and my core strength have improved tremendously.
  10. Tell us about your top 3 favorite things to do when you’re not in the studio?   My top 3 favorite things are spending time with my grandkids (loooooooove them!), watching movies with my hubby, and – believe it or not – I love my job and coding.
  11. Tell us the one thing about your classes at The Girl Spot that makes it worthwhile :  To be honest, everything!  I love learning and challenging my body to do things that before I only wished I could do.

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