All New Exotic Heels Class!

Have you SEEN those exotic pole dance videos on You Tube or Insta?  Do you want to learn the basics of walking in heels, sexy floorwork, and just overall exotric dance movement?  Join Christine every Tuesday at 6pm to get your fix. Though this class is a heels class, don’t worry if you don’t have them yet – you can still take the class without!  Once you get hooked on the movement, we can guide you on the right purchase! Knee pads recommended.

Meet Christine, your Exotic Heels instructor:

Christine, Exotic Heels Instructor at the Girl Spot in Milford, CTChristine has been pole dancing for 8 years, and has been lucky enough to train with some of her favorite pole dancers, including Jordan Kensley, Alethea Austin and Marlo Fisken to name just a few. She loves pole dancing. Her favorite style is Exotic, when she gets to strap on a pair of heels and create shapes with her body. Exotic style pole dance gives everyone a chance to build confidence and body awareness. She says “When daily life gets overwhelming, dance fills my heart and soul with happiness.” This creative lady also holds a degree fashion design & merchandising, and the fine arts. She is also a wife and mom of 2.

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