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What is Aerial Fitness?

At The Girl Spot, aerial fitness uses a variety of apparatus – aerial fabric, aerial hoop, and Fly Aerial Fitness swings to provide you with a total body workout without the boredom. Just by nature of learning to use each different apparatus (we like to call them toys!) your core and upper body will gain strength, lean muscle mass and definition.

What is Barre?

Barre is one of the top workouts in fitness today. It’s an invigorating one-hour class focusing on body alignment, balance, core strength and conditioning. Set to up-beat music, this workout will take you through a series of moves all designed to lengthen and define your muscles for a fit and sleek body. Think you’re workouts are getting the results you want? We challenge you to try Barre and see if you don’t come away having worked harder and deeper than you thought you could!

What is pole fitness?

Pole fitness is a pure fun, feminine way to work out using your own body weight as resistance. Our purpose is to help you get fit, and release that confident, sexy woman who loves and respects herself and her body.

What should I wear?

Work out clothing such as yoga pants or capris, T-shirts, tank tops,or booty shorts are all acceptable. Street shoes are not permitted on the studio floor. The Girl Spot is a professional studio for educational fitness purposes only. Inappropriate clothing nudity will not be tolerated during any class.

Can my 15-year-old daughter take pole classes?

Students under the age of 18 can, with parental/legal guardian consent, take our pole fitness classes. Parent or legal guardian must accompany student to first class.

Do I have to wear heels?

Absolutely not! Socks or bare feet are fine for our classes. As you advance, however, you may just want to try out some 5” or 6″ heels. We’ll even help you get a proper fit on shoes when the time comes if you’d like.

Can my friends come watch classes?

For the privacy and comfort of our students, no class observation is allowed. From time to time, we do hold public events, however.

Studio Etiquette

Your time is valuable, so we try very hard to keep scheduled classes on time. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your class. Students arriving later than 10 minutes after class start time may not be allowed to participate. This is for your safety, as the warm up portion of the class is important!Street shoes are not permitted on the Studio floor – this both protects you from getting grimy while doing floor work, and it also helps preserve the floor. Please use the dressing room area to store your belongings and to remove your shoes.
On the day of your class, please do not use body or hand lotion! Doing so will cause the apparatus to become too slick for good holds and grips.

Please remove all body piercings, rings, bracelets, watches, toe rings and ankle bracelets. Jewelry scratches poles and tears fabric. It is strictly prohibited in class.

The mirrors are for your viewing pleasure. Please do not use them as walls for handstands or any type of stretching.

Food and drinks are prohibited in the studio room, except for water. Please feel free to enjoy your food in front lounge area.

The thermostats are all programmed to come on and off as needed for classes. Please do not adjust them.

DryHands and all grip aids: please do not put your bottles on the speakers or stereo.

When you exit the bathroom, please remember to turn the lights off.

Thanks much for respecting our space !

frequently asked questions


“We want people to have a studio where they can learn things that are physically fun and also physically effective. And know that it is a very comfortable, welcoming environment. Go have fun.
Don’t be afraid to try it! That is what I would want the world know… Don’t be afraid to try it. Just try it!”
– Judy Jovanelly, Owner

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