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Girl Spot classes are taught by expert instructors, and are meant to be welcoming even while they provide a sound physical workout. Our organized, structured teaching practices encourage students at each level to work at their own pace and have fun!


Our instructors are well-trained, and will guide you through each movement during your classes. Their friendly guidance will help ease you into the pole dancing process, or help with complicated moves as you progress through our program. Hands-on spotting and crash mats are also used for more advanced tricks.


Interested in becoming a pole fitness instructor? The Girl Spot owners and trainers can guide you toward the types of training you will need to complete your mission.


Our classes, facilities, and staff focus on safety as a first order of business. We keep safety in mind during each of our courses, parties, and events.


Our workout areas are clean, well-maintained, and inviting. We do not allow outside shoes on our dance floor area, and encourage students to care for our space.

Committed to Excellence

We at The Girl Spot are very definite in our beliefs on what makes a great pole dance class, and our experience proves it. The combined dance, gymnastics and fitness backgrounds of our owner and instructors give us a wealth of knowledge to pull from in creating our method of teaching students from beginner through advanced levels.

We continually review and refine our techniques to stay on top of current trends in pole dancing, and to bring our very best teaching practices to the public. Our classes follow a structured curriculum, with specific conditioning along the way for each level, which is designed to encourage strength, overall conditioning, and to teach our students how to use the correct muscle groups for the work they will do at each level.

You, the student, are our most valuable asset. It is our honor to teach you, and we are committed to excellent instruction!

The Girl Spot History

After having tried traditional gyms for years, The Girl Spot founder & owner, Judy Jovanelly, was looking for a way to have fun while exercising. Upon discovering the joy and unparalleled challenge of pole dancing, Judy, an ex-professional entertainment dancer, wife and mother, knew immediately that she had to kick everything in her workouts up a notch and continue learning more.

The only downside to this incredible discovery seemed to be the lack of safe and effective pole studios in the area – especially ones boasting a great social atmosphere and strong fitness regimen. Most gyms or studios offered classes that were either too rigid and intense or too lax and not nearly engaging enough for her and her colleagues. So Judy turned to her own devices and put together the idea of The Girl Spot!

The Girl Spot is alternative fitness in it’s finest form. Not only can you schedule a class and get an amazing workout, but you can blow off steam from stress at work, family obligations, or just the rigors of daily life. Working out at The Girl Spot is like having an all-night dance party with your best friends and walking away with a body to show for it. The atmosphere is friendly, warm and nurturing.



We want people to have a studio where they can learn things that are physically fun and also physically effective. We provide a comfortable, welcoming and safe environment for everyBODY!
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