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Milford Says Hello !

Aerial fitness studio opens on Quarry Road By Mirror Milford on January 6, 2015 in Business, Lead News · 0 Comments In 2010 The Girl Spot had its beginning in Trumbull. Now the aerial fitness studio has reopened in a new studio located at 260 Quarry Road in Milford. The move stems from the need for more studio space to accommodate their growth and provide their customers with an extended variety of classes. There will be an open house Saturday,…

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Press Release: The Girl Spot Reopening in New Studio on January 3rd in Milford, CT

MILFORD, CT – In 2010 The Girl Spot had it’s beginning in Trumbull, CT. Now the aerial fitness studio is reopening in a new studio located in Milford on January 3rd. The move stems from the need for more studio space to accommodate their growth and provide their customers with an extended variety of classes. They will be holding an Open House Saturday January 10th from 12 PM to 4 PM. The event will feature mini demo’s and an opportunity…

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TRACEE KAFER WORKSHOPS at The Girl Spot Sunday June 8th

Who: Dance was a first love for Tracee Kafer, who started at the innocent age of 3. Many moons later, and with over 25 years of training in multiple genres, she has now turned feverishly to pole dancing to reach new heights (…literally) and it has only deepened her attachment to dance as a means of artistic expression. She believes that dance can create a deeper knowledge of self, of life’s experiences, and of the connections we have to one…

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Alethea Austin Workshops at The Girl Spot!


All are welcome.  Advance payment required.  Call 203-373-7575 to register and pay Tuesday, Sept 25th 7:00 pm Wednesday Sept 26th 7:00 pm … Who : Alethea Austin is recognized worldwide as one of the top Pole Dance instructors and elite competing performers. Distinguished by her slow controlled flow, flexible lines, and isolated body waves, Alethea held such titles as US Pole Dance Federation Champion in 2010, USPDF Miss Sexy in 2009, and IPDFA 2nd Place Pole Fit 2009.  In addition…

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Community in Pole : Meet 2 of the Ladies who Get it Right

You thought you left cliques behind in high school.   As adults, sadly we find out that they still exist.   So does bad-mouthing and gossiping.   When you started pole dancing, hopefully most of your friends and family supported you.  But most of us have that one person (or sometimes more than one person) who looks down at you.  They tell everyone you’re a slut because you pole dance.  They bring your children into it by saying you’re a bad mother for what you’re doing….

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Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

Pole 3 Class 1 It is always amazing to watch people perform an art that they truly appreciate and enjoy. Though I hesitate to presume myself to be a “dancer” yet, as someone who has been practicing and watching carefully I’ve found that much more than the moves come across when you dance. It provides a porthole thru which you can view the innermost part of the dancer as she loses herself in the movement and music. At least with…

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Alternative Fitness for Women

“We want people to have a studio where they can learn things that are physically fun and also physically effective. And know that it is a very comfortable, welcoming environment. Go have fun.
Don’t be afraid to try it! That is what I would want the world know… Don’t be afraid to try it. Just try it!"
- Judy Jovanelly, Owner